Lesson plans concerning volcanology, earthquakes prepared by teachers and project coordinator.

Lesson plans in English

Lesson prepared by Emin Kutlu:

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lesson 9

Lesson plan made by Magdalena Szewczyk

lesson1 and material1

Other lesson plans used from different sources:  lesson 2, lesson 3,

Lesson plan made by Sónia Leonardo Garcia, Marta Oliveira

lesson 1

Lesson plan made by Alfredo Ubierna Leon

lesson 1

Lesson plans in Turkish

Lesson plans prepared by Emin Kutlu:

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Lesson plans in Polish

Lesson plans prepared by Magdalena Szewczyk

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Lesson plans in Italian

Lesson plans prepared by Margherita Castaldo

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Workshops on 3D models done by Massimiliano Basile

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Lesson plans in Portuguese
Lesson plans in French

Lesson plan in French made by Delphine GARNIER