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It took us twelve hours to get to Pico Island but when we arrived we were enchanted by its beautiful and unusual landscapes. Our stay on the island was very fruitful in terms of work on the project as well as visiting and discovering the natural beauty of the Azores. What we really enjoyed was an excursion to the post volcanic cave.  We also spent a nice time on Faial island where we drove around the volcanic crater. The whole week of work went really fast. We returned home with new ideas and new energy to work on the project. We also appreciate Fernando’s hospitality and war welcoming of the staff of the school.

Ewa and Magda from Poland

“This first meeting in Pico was very important for us. Indeed, it was the first time we met, and it was great to see all of the 5 partners and our discussions were really nice and enriching.
Though they looked really involved and interested in the project, the only thing we regret is the fact that the Turkish team didn’t speak English. We don’t have many opportunities to discuss things in order to organize the project and I wish we could have a better communication, with all the partners and we are a little bit frustrated about that and hope that there’ll be a language teacher during the next meeting in Naples

As for the organization, it was really good for us, we thought that the Portuguese team was very involved in the project and the teachers were really dedicated to welcoming us. It was interesting and enriching to work together and to discover the island too.

I also appreciated the honesty of our coordinator Magda during our work session. Indeed, it’s not easy to tell to people what’s wrong sometimes but I believe it’s very important if we want our 3-year-long project to work well…”

Claire from France

“Arriving in Pico Island from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria took a two-day journey, not only because of the distance –about 1500 kilometres- but also because of difficulties with connecting flights such as operational stop at Funchal airport in Madeira, then we had to fly to Ponta Delgada Airport where we had to wait three hours before flying to Terceira island, where we spent one night, and finally we reached Pico island one day later our departure from Gran Canaria

 Our Portuguese colleagues were excellent hosts and we were provided a truly exquisite stay. Several indoors and outdoors activities were held to discover first-hand the island, from its natural landmarks to its social, cultural and economic main features.

 The different delegations were coming from November 20th to November 22nd. The hosts facilitated contact among participants by organising different activities which created a pleasant working environment and helped to keep communication flowing with a collaborative spirit.

 Project meetings took place on November 23rd-24th. The coordinator,  Magdalena Szewczyk, set out the general lines of work to be developed throughout the following months until the next meeting, which will be held in Naples,  April, 2016.

Our opinion about the meeting in Pico is highly satisfactory as much for the warm welcoming of our Portuguese friends as for their superb organization, and the excellent relationships established among the members of the different delegations.”

Salvador from Spain (Canary island)


“When we reached Azores after a long and exhausting trip, we experienced spectacular beauty of the place. At first we attend a very important religious rite at Madalena. We pretend we were local people.

Their natural beauty really, national park, mountain Montana really impressed us. To see a lava flowing cave is amazing. We really want to go there again, 3 days is not enough for us.

On the way back, we stopped by Sao Miguel Island. We saw a different beauty of Ponta Delgade. We got new ideas about our project. We thank Magda for our project. We shared our experiences to our students and our co-workers. Now we give more attention about nature.

We are thankful to Fernando, his wife and their friends for giving us such an amazing time there. It was nice of him to invite us for dinner at his home. Also special thanks to principal, workers and students of Escola Básica e Secundária da Madalena.”

Muzaffer DEMİRCİ and Emin KUTLU

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The trip to Naples was wonderful! I learned new and interesting information about volcanoes and the country. I could know the Italian culture and them traditions. The weather was great there. You could feel like during a vacation, and to get some vitamin D. The most important thing for me was to make new friends. Italians are very friendly, like the rest people who came for Erasmus. I was suprised by their interesting in learning other languages, which are not easy. I did not think I would be so nice to be greeted by family and by her friends. I’m sure that contact with foreign friends will be all the time. This trip will long remain in my memory!”

Asia Ostropolska – Poland

The visit in Naples was  very amazing experience. It was cool that I was able to make new friends, their culture , and most importantly to try Italian food, which is very delicious. I loved that  people who I lived embraced me at  their  home. Naples has amazing views which I liked . I think I have  to go back .”

Marysia Semenowicz – Poland

It was a new and interesting adventure. The Erasmus project is a project when you can find new friends and it is  unforgettable experience. We spent our days in the beautiful country, learned a lot and visited beautiful places. Thank you for this experience!”

Yulia Cherevata – Poland

“It was a great time, which I spent in Italy. I could visit a beautiful city – Neapol. I met a lot of wonderful people and I made friends with them. It was really fascinating to know the new cultures, traditions, languages. I could notice that people around the world have many similar things and behaviors. This project gave me a lot of amazing moments, which I will never forget it:D”

Tereska Klimowicz – Poland

   In Neapoli was amazing !!! I met a lot of interesting people and my host family was incredibly nice. The weather was great, views were beautiful and impressions unforgettable. I could have seen how looks an ordinary day at Italian school. Everyday we saw new places and learned new facts about volcanoes, which was the subject of our exchange. I was surprised how easy is to communicate with people from different countries. I have a lot amazing memories and if could I decide to go again. Trips like this give us new friends and opportunities to study or work abroad.

  Julia Sebesta – Poland

  Our Italian colleagues were excellent hosts and we have to thank Ciro and all the teaching staff in Naples not only for the organization of the different activities throughout our stay, but also for their invaluable help with the difficulties encountered in some of the outdoor activities for reasons beyond their control.Our students had a great, warm welcome to Naples and a very friendly stay with their Italian host families. They really enjoyed all the activities planned. As far as our accommodation, we should say that it was quite far from the city´s historic centre, so somehow we missed the opportunity of strolling around a little and see the sights by night on our own.For the same reason, we would like to deeply thank all the Italian teachers who helped us for our commuting with their own cars.

                                                                                                                                                                    Franscisco Rosales – Spain

Firstly I want to say that in the beginning I felt nervous and I think that everybody did because we were going to stay for a week in the houses of families that we had never met and that had a total different culture and language, and that was not easy. In my case, as the time was passing I started getting along with the family and with all of my mates from Erasmus +. My favourite part about this trip was that I was able to learn a lot about Napoles, and its language, its history and population. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the fact that we, as a group, lived some great moments in which we were able to get to know a little bit more about each other. Those great moments were created through games and songs that we taught to them. After these games we all laughed as a group.

I think this experience gave us a valuable lesson and is one of the best memories I will ever have because at the end we felt happy and proud for the people and the things we experienced. This experience was one of the best !

Alexandra Silva, Portugal- Azores(Pico)

To begin I enjoyed this trip because it was a different experience.It was my first time leave the country.And I feel luckier for being with this project and with these people.On the first day I arrived and I came across my housemate I was a little embarrassed but she did everything to make me feel comfortable, “as if I was at home.”On the second day, we saw the whole school, and what impressed me most were the planetarium, because at my school we don´t have one and the class of my “colleague”, because they were friendly. One thing I didn’t like so much, but that seems to be part of the Italian culture, was the attention given to meals. We ate less at lunch and more a dinner. In Portugal we do the opposite. But there’s nothing like living with other cultures and learn from them. This week I was able to work my English and learn a few words / expressions in Italian. Ending up as I started, it was a different experience, which is to remember.

                                                                                                                                                                               Filipa Rosa, Pico

What na amazing experience!

This Erasmus+ project was one of the best experiences of my life and it was a fantastic way to meet new people. Despite being a little bit nervous in the beggining, because I had never met Mario and his family personally, after I met them face to face I felt like home. Contacting with new cultures, learning some funny words and expressions in other languages, exploring the city of Naples and seeing their daily lives at home and at school were some of the cool things I had the privelege to experience. But the most important thing of all was the opportunity to make great friends I will never forget.After this metting in Italy, which I really enjoyed, I understood a little bit more about the culture and environment of Naples. I really want to participate in a experience like this again and I recommend this type of projects to other people.

Samuel Goulart, Pico, Azores, Portugal

This Erasmus+ project was one of the best experiences of my life. Through this trip I learned a lot about a huge variety of subjects like: volcanoes, eruptions, sysmic activity, italian and european culture. I met a lot of new people from all across Europe and some of them turned out to be friends for a life time. This kind of projects are really interesting and important for students because they give us new perspectives of life and improve our language and social skills. I hope in the future it will be possible to take part on similar projects as they are unique experiences!

Henrique Silva, Pico – Portugal

   There were mountains which look like volcanoes where I was born and grown. But I had not got a clue whether they are volcanoes or not. After I had seen volcanoes and Napoli, I made up my mind. The mountains that I had seen were volcanoes. This was the first time I had seen volcanoes and their effect on the environment in Napoli. I had some unforgettable impressions. I had important experiences. I’m very thankful to Ciro, his team, all the teachers and his school personals for this astonishing organization. This was a memorable project for us. I’m very thankful to the parents of students for taking care of our students and for their hospitability. That was very kind of them to meet us at the airport and give us a lift to the airport at the end. I think our project is going well. When it’s our turn, I hope we’ll host you well and work on our project hard. I want to say thanks to our last day host Ms. Sant’Elia and all other contributors. We had some Italian delicates which were awesome it was an amazing night. Watching the sea view from the balcony was memorable. The conversations I have made with my students showed that, they were pleased from their trip. It was a life-time memory for them. Their attention to the nature has improved.
Best wishes.

Emin KUTLU-Turkey

There were a lot of good activities during my stay in Napoli, Italy. We made good friends from different cultures. I haven’t seen the volcanic mountains before. I saw Vesuvio, Solfatara in Italy and learned important things about them. Our visit was very useful. We were busy everyday, we met new people and visited different places. We enjoyed it a lot. Our students made new friends. I hope they will keep their friends for a long time. Galileo Galilei school manager and students were very friendly and helpful. The school helped us organize our photograph exhibition of the tiny insects at their school.
Best wishes.

Akın ACAR-Turkey

I have never had interest in volcanoes. I didn’t even have any idea about the volcanoes around my city. I have seen effects of volcanoes in this trip. We went to active volcano and this amazed me. I have seen the true power of the nature with my own eyes. I’ve seen caves made of ash and stone houses. These got me excited. Also I had opportunities to talk and chat with my colleagues from different countries. I’ve felt friendliness and helpfulness of Italian group that welcomed us. That week was one of the best weeks of my life. Thanks to everyone who made this happen.
Best wishes.

Veysel TOSUN-Turkey

This was my first trip to Europe, I was so excited. The people were very friendly, warm and kind. Naples was really beautiful. Architecture, natural beauties, landscapes was outstanding. I haven’t seen a volcano before. But in Naples we observed Vesuvio. The family that I stayed was really amazing. I am grateful for them. I hope we will keep in touch. I wish I could stay longer. Also, thanks to Ciro and all the teachers and personals for making this project. This project is one of a kind, made my imagination more creative.
Best wishes.

Münevver ÖZGÜL-Turkey

My first abroad trip was to Naples. I have read some stuff about Naples, when I arrived I realized it is so much better. Vesuvio was nice. The people were like us, amiable and friendly. I am satisfied of my host and her family. I wish we will see each other in future. Thank you for the organization, meals and your relevance. Hope to see you guys in Turkey.
Best wishes.

Tuana SAPMAZ-Turkey

I was excited about the trip because Italy was one of the most interesting countries I’ve wanted to see. I was wondering about Italian people and the sights of Italy so much. Italy was better than I expected; people were friendly, Naples’ architecture was interesting, the sights were amazing and I’ve tried so many new things. I loved Vesuvio. I think Erasmus+ project is good for you if you want to learn something and try different things. My host and her family were really kind and treated well to me, thankfully. I loved Paesano family. Organization was a bit confusing at the first day but got better at the other days and we all enjoyed seeing Naples.
Best wishes.

Ezgi Afra GÖKOĞLU-Turkey

It was my first time in Europe. This was my first trip without my family. This project contains lots of first time for me. At the beginning I was afraid. Spending one week with Italian family in Naples… But later I like that idea. I thought that it would be perfect life experience and also fascinating subject is volcanoes. When I was a child, I used to want to jump into a volcano. This project reminded me that childhood times. Naples is very beautiful city just like Antalya. When we were walking in the Street, I felt like I was walking in Antalya’s Street. I would like to see more places in Naples but unfortunately our time was limited. A wonderful family hosted me in Naples. I didn’t expect such kind, polite, funny family. They were really nice to me. I will never forget that lasagna and of course my host Sara. She did her best, explained everything to me. I felt like Neapolitan. It was one the best one week I have had. Thank you Moreno family. Thank you for this organization, I had one week I can’t forget.
Best wishes.

Pınar ÖNAL-Turkey

Naples was a wonderful city. It amazed us on every step we took. First day we went to high school. We started to visiting city at second day. According to me Naples is historical place. When we arrived at Pompeii, we saw all the stone humans. The story of Pompeii is incredibly different. Naples’s people were so sincere like Turkish people. According to me, the most important thing about Project is I met so many people from different countries.
I’m so thankful to all of you for your caring.
Best wishes.
Süeda TIZLAK- Turkey

Italy was my first experience in abroad, Naples. Before I went there, I was so excited because I have never left from my family. The day of departure was long but it was worth. When we arrived to Naples parents and teachers welcome us. This project was conscious me about active and extinct volcanoes especially Vesuvio. We made trips for 5 days which was very well organized. We met with students from other countries in this way I learnt about new culture. School in Italy is similar to schools in Turkey. They offered traditional dishes at every opportunity which it was really tasty. My favorite dessert is ice cream. This trip was a moment will never forget in my life. Thank you so much to everyone that regulates project.
Best wishes.

Dilara VURAL-Turkey

I am so happy because of I have been joined this project. I saw new places, I saw new cultures, but most important I made too many good friends. Naples was a great city, I loved there. Volcanic areas, historical places and more… My host and his family were so kind to me like all other foreign friends. It was the first time I have seen a volcano; Vesuvio was so impressive to me because it is one of the most famous volcanos in the world. Pompeii and other cities which Vesuvio destroyed, they were very nice, I felt sorry for the people who died with explosion.
I want to see all my friends in Turkey again next years. I will miss everybody.
Best wishes.

Ali Günalp ÇELIK-Turkey

     We spent a very pleasant week and it was great to stay in the same hotel with the other partners, though we wished the hotel had been in another area of Naples. Indeed, it was very quiet but too far from the city center from our point of view.

As for the activities, Ciro (and his wife) did a great job to make us discover different aspects of the area and make us work on our theme: the volcanoes. We sometimes spent a lot of time just waiting but we guess that that’s the way it is in big cities!

Finally, we wished we could have time to listen to the presentation by the students; they were relieved it was cancelled but we think it would have been an interesting task for them to speak in front of the other partners and also an opportunity to get to know each other and simply know where the students came from… We hope students will now take time to discover the presentations on the website of the project. We feel it would have been enriching to spend more time at school, for students of course but also for teachers because some things deserve to be discussed but we understand that we arrived a bit later on the Tuesday…

 As a conclusion, the week in Naples was a success. Students came back home with full of fantastic memories. They were warmly welcomed, so were the teachers.

Claire Chapot – France

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“We had a warm welcome. The team of teachers were really caring and made a wonderful program. We discovered great landscapes, nice villages… They took time to explain the volcanoes and a lot of other things such as history.The students really exchanged and developped real friendships. The host families did all they could to make them feel at home. Even the girls who were at the sailing school shared wonderful and unforgettable moments. French team of teachers

“From March 12th to the 18th we have been hosted in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by our Spanish friends. Everything was great: we visited very charming places and we had a lot of fun altogether. A unique destination. Hopefully we will repeat the experience! Love from the Italian team.” (Aurora, Italian student)

“Thanks to the Erasmus+ project we had the possibility to experience something totally new for us. The trip to Gran Canaria has been of such an importance to us, because it has given a deeper understanding of the topics we have been studying for more than one year. Also, we have practiced the core subjects of our curriculum, which are foreign languages. What’s more, our stay in Las Palmas has helped us to become more open-minded, as we have met people from different countries and different cultures. We have listened to different opinions without any prejudice – something we believe it is really important, especially nowadays. So we would like to thank all the Erasmus+ teams to have made this event possible.” (Lucia, Sara, Grazia and Claudia, Italian students)

“Our visit to Gran Canaria was a fully charming and learning experience. The Spanish Erasmus Plus teachers were attentive and helpful in everything they planned, taking us through an exciting mixture of scientific and cultural explorations. Italian students loved the whole trip so much and all of us felt like being amongst friends. We have learned a lot about volcanoes and cultures of the Canary Islands, we visited dramatic scenery, from pine-covered slopes to spectacular sand dunes, picturesque villages, bustling sites and off-beaten tracks. A true revelation.” (Ciro De Rosa, Italian Erasmus+ coordinator)

“It was wonderful to meet new colleagues – now friends – from other European countries. We could feel ancient links of culture and history deeply connecting us and I really could imagine a “word with no countries”. Yes, we teachers are often dreamers, but we sometimes can experiment a dream-like reality when we have the chance to watch our students talking a common language and sharing experiences and culture and ways of life and having fun, too. Yes, this Erasmus+ project meeting was a really great experience in the amazing volcanic scenario of the windy Gran Canaria, where we were led by a competent and warm team of teachers in a striking tour of the whole island. Thank you so much to everyone and …long life to ours and the future Erasmus+ projects.”

So a few weeks ago I and my friend, Anna went to Gran Canaria Island. We spent there week and that was the best week I’m my life! I learn so much about the culture. Not only the Spanish culture but all cultures! I met lots of new friends (and now I miss them all). (Mary Maksymiuk, Poland)

” Every Erasmus meeting is for me wonderfull meeting of people fifferent countries and culture. I was impressed by the botanical garden of Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo on the slopes of Guiniguada Gorge. The most attention was probably drawn by dragon dracones , I was fascinated by the Museum and the Archaeological Park of the Caverns of Paintings erected on the remnants of the settlement of the former Canaries. This object brought me closer to the details of the appearance of the house and the tribal heads. Also an interesting attraction for me was the house of Christopher Columbus – Casa de Colon. The house was worth a look because it had whitewashed walls, wooden balconies and shutters and doors guarded by stone gargoyles. Thank you Spanish team for organization!” (Magda Szewczyk, Polish coordinator)

” Firts of all, I would like to present my gratitude to the partner school for this valuable organization. I can state with all my sincerity that without this project it would not be possible for me to go to the canary islands. I was very curious about the Canary Islands. I did not know that these islands were volcanic islands. Through this project, we had the chance to have observe he geological and geographical structure of the island, climate characteristics, flora and fauna. Las Palmas’ winery Las Cantaras beach was fascinating. We had the chance to get know our partner school, IES Tony Gallardo. The devoted and the hospitality efforts of the teachers and administrators and their programs conducted by them were very impressive. We also had the opportunity to recognize the history and economies of the island’s social life. The volcanic formations on the island and the rocks and cliffs were very impressive. The integration and sincerity of teachers and students from partner countries were complementary to the objectives of the project. Host families’ taking care of our students also made us very happy. I think this meeting is a very good experience for all of us. ” (Emin KUTLU-Turkey)

“Firstly, I was satisfied with the IES Tony Gallardo High School’s teachers’ sincerity. This organisation was so imperessing and nice. Thanks to them, we learned about Grand Canarie. The volcanic areas we saw was magnificent. The nature, culture and people of Grand Canarie was charming. Thanks to the IES Tony Gallardo High School’s teachers and students. We had valuable information about Grand Canarie.” (Akın ACAR-Turkey)

“After a long journey , we got to Gran Canaria very late in the evening. Of course we were tired and sleepy.The next day we woke up in a sunny and peaceful day.In the morning we went to the school.The school teachers showed us the classrooms and labs. They gave us a welcome party prepared by both students and teachers.The geography teacher informed us about how volcanic movements had shaped the island’s structure.I noticed that they are well-prepared tol ive with volcanoes. In the afternoon we all went for a long walk to the nearby volcanic area behind the school.I had the chance to see the city from the top of the hill. During the week we followed the proramme .we travelled to different parts of the island.we discovered the plantson tne mountains.we saw the effects of volcanic eruptions. We visited the museums and churches. They have a big port.It is very important fort the people.They dont have many water sourcesThey refine the sea water and produce their own electricity.I didnt understand how the time passed. I learned a lot about the people and Grand Canaria.Our students had a great experice. They had the chance to use their English. They made new friends and learned about the geography of the island. Now I remember the friendly faces of the people. They were really nice and helpful.” (Zeki DEMİR-Turkey)

“I gained lots of experiences and had so much beautiful memories . Meeting with another countries’ students and talking about our cultures(our music, our games, our folk dances, our cuisine, etc..) made me realise that there are lots of countires, lots of places to see and lots of people to meet. The host family that I stayed in Gran Canaries was sincere and I appreciate their hospitality. I can’t express my gratitude only with words. I want to thank them for that again and I hope to see them again. And my Portuguese friends that I stayed with my host family were really friendly, and I miss them so much. Besides all the friendships that I made, I enjoyed the nature in Gran Canaries, as well. Seeing volcanic areas and volcanoes made me feel excited about natural life. I was also interested in living life in there and I felt curious when I observed the fauna and the flora. I thank to the principal, to the school teachers, to the school’s janitors, to everyone that participated in this project and especially to Mr. Rosales for their hospitality and for this beautiful experience in my life.” (Ayşe Ece ATALAY-Turkey)

“Firstly I want to say that it was an unmemorable experience for me and thank you for everything that you did for us. Before I went there I had searched ‘Gran Canaria’ in the Google. But when I get there Iunderstood that real island is better than the pictures.I stayed in the dormitory,the building wasn’t so comfortable but I loved my enviorenment.I have so many friends from different nationalities with lots of memories I tried local tastes,I saw variously culturel things, I visited different kinds of areas, like rain forests,volcano in a same day.I learned how are the teenagers look like in my age and what do they do in their free times all around the World.Our guide teacher was such a kind woman. Altough she didn’t know anything about English, she tried to help us. As a result,nearly everything is good for me If I had a chance, I want come back again.In my last words again I thank to all members of this project. ” (Sena Nur BUYURGAN-Turkey)

“I really wondered Gran Canaria before we went there. I saw some pictures and videos, I found some information about island but it wasn’t enough for me. But when I went there, I understood that everyone has to go there because Gran Canaria has a lot of historical and volcanic places. I saw the variety of culture mixture about Spanish and African people. And it reminded me that every culture lives on the other culture. And it was one of the unforgottable weeks in my life. I gained so many few friends and experienced new things. Besides all the bad conditions that we have in the dormitory, I spent one of the best moments in my life there. I want to thank everyone that participated in this project, especially to the teacher, we had in dorm.” (İrem BilgAKAY-Turkey)

“The trip to Gran Canaria was exciting. It was very good adventure. This is my second trip to observe volcanoes. I went to Kula Volcanoes before with my school. The Erasmus+ project is a project when you can find new friends and it is unforgettable experience. I learned new and interesting information about volcanoes and the island. I am thankful to my host and his family. After this meeting in Gran Canaria, which I really enjoyed, I understood a bit more about the culture and environment of Gran Canaria. I really want to participate in a experience like this again and I recommend this type of projects to other people. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Best wishes”(Efe Ozan ŞAHİN – Turkey)

“When the plane landed on the Grand Canarie island I started to get nervous. The image that i had in mind of the people that i was gonna stay with were… well i don’t think i remember any of that but when i saw them i think i was kind of relived. They looked like people who were living on an island basically. They looked Carrabien almost…Before i had met them actually i had convinced myself that staying at the dorm would have been better. So wheter they looked Carrabien or not didn’t matter at all. If that wasn’t enough of an excuse already they gav me another one… They didn’t speak any english. NADA… yeah , we had a great start. But then we hugged and they brought me to a kebab restaurant ignoring my constant remindings through Google translate that i wasn’t hungry at all.But they took me there anyway. But because we ate kebab it was comforting. I like kabab. When we were eating we started to talk again don’t be mistaken through Google translate.First few sentences were about Arii’s(my host) brothers age…They wanted me to guess and i did. I guessed as 16 but he was looked like 18. He ended up being 13 or something. Then we started to talk about my love life… mhm. Yeah, we don’t do that kind of coversation in Turkey if you’re newly met… But we tried to talk about that as well.Then they started to tell me bout the plans that they made for me which were very nice. But me not knowing any Spanish my reactions to these nice thoughtful words were limited to just smiling and nodding. When we were getting out of the restaurant the mother reminded the children to close the door behind them. Now i thought about that and why it caught my attention . And i was reminded by the constant reminders of the open doors of the classrooms in TurkeyOkay the house… Their house was located in an area near the beach. It looked like a calm neighboorhood. Me and Arii were going to sleep at his grandpa’s place. It was two floor higher than the familiy’s house. After looking around the place and meeting the puppy they owned, they offered me a little tour around their house. Arii intruduced me to her friend Alba whom i liked vey much. We talked about school, jobs, my sexuality… whether i liked them or not.Expressing fondness of eachother was one of the main ..talks…The night ended and we went to sleep. In the morning we ate Gofio. I didn’t like it very much, it was too starchy. So the following breakfasts were ham and cheese sandwiches. That day was very nice actually they showed us round the school. Showing us around the school. We played hopscotch. We danced. After that Arii’ father took us shopping and all the family members started tolook oresents for me. Well i don’t like reciving presents if it is first chosen when i am looking and second if it’s expensive. And they weren’t buying just presents for me they were goiong to buy Nike sneakers for me and that is not cheap. So we argued for a while on wheter or not to buy anything . I ended p crying over it. But that made them consider the chance of buying something cheaper. So we started to look for cheaper stuff and bought them One of the things they bought for me was a Canarie island jersey. While buying that a sentence was taught to me which was.. AMARİLLO ES Mİ COLOR PİO PİO

Yeah they made me say that every where but i liked it. After buying the jersey and some other things we went to Nike and bought the sneakers and some sweatpants and spme socks. We ended up buying more stuff then before. So if i wouldn’t had cried about the sneakers and let them buy it everyone would have been more happy…

“The trip to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria was awesome. It was the best week of my life. I loved everything. I enjoyed the food, the music, the landscapes, the people and their culture. But the thing I liked the most was the fact that I stayed in a sailing school with six other girls (two from Italy, two from Turkey, one from France and another from Poland). It was a unique experience because we shared a lot of stories, great memories and cultures.I also loved the last two days because I moved to a teacher’s house where my friends Samanta and Beatriz were staying. It was nice because I spent time with a Spanish family. I really liked them, they were very nice and caring. Now, I miss every part of the trip, especially my friends who stayed with me in the sailing school. I will never forget that island and the amazing week I had.” (Marta Pereira – Azores)

“This erasmus + project was one of the best experiences of my life and it was a fantastic way to meet new peolpe. In the beginning I was a little embarrassed but as time went by I felt better. With this trip I Iearned a lot about the Island of Gran Canaria.In that week we visited a lot of places with vulcanic origin. The thing I enjoyed the most was trying typical food of the Canary Islands. I hope I can repeat this experience once more.” (Cristiana Costa – Azores)

“The week that I spent in one of the Canary Islands, Grand Canaria, was one of the best weeks of my whole life.First of all, I must say thank you to all the people who made this trip come true , including my teachers and all the people around the world who are involved in this amazing project.  Grand Canaria is a such a beautiful place, and I absolutely want to go back, mabye with my family or with my friends, but it won’t be the same and there’s only one reason why. The meeting. It was my favorite thing about the Erasmus +. I met so many people from different parts of Europe that I’d never thought it wold be possible. I made friends for life, and now we still  talk by social media (which are so helpful for this kind of thing). I also loved the nature of the Island, like the beaches and the mountains. I felt so adventurous when we were climbing a mountain, in the first day. I don’t have anything bad to say about this trip because adding to all of that the family that accommodated me was very sweet and cool so they made me feel at home. Finally, I just want to make another trip like this!” ( Beatriz Faria – Azores)

“Participating in Erasmus+ project wa s wonderfull experience of my whole life. The project name is ”Trail of extinct and active volcanoes and earthquakes across Europe”. First I was a little bit nervous but after I met the family they made me feel like I was part of the family. I loved to see different places and cultures with different food, dances and music. I hope that this wasn’t my last trip to other countries, and I miss my friends from other places a lot; that’s the most difficult part of the trip. If you are thinking about going on an adventure to other countries in the Erasmus + project don’t think twice, because after all the only thing that will remain with you are your memories, and pictures too!”( Samanta Matos – Azores)







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Survey to students:

Survey to teachers


The activities of the trail of extinct and active volcanoes in Wroclaw were wonderful. Magdelana Szewczyk made a very good plan.The collaboration  of many people from different countries  was fun.The teachers and students benefited  a lot from the activities.We had the chance to learn the Polish culture. The students who stayed at homes of the families had a great time.They made friends.Especially a family who hosted three students affected me.I noticed that polish people were hospitable.As part of our plan we saw the volcanic mount Ostrzyca.We learned a lot about this volcanic mount.We checked the plants on this mount.We visited the museum and watched the earthquake simulation at the Sudecka education centre.Magdelanas programme was excellent.We went for rafting on the river Glowna. We went to the zoo by the river taxi.First time I saw the animals from Africa.As a university town ,Wrooclaw was very good. I liked the architecture and the way they saved the history.Our students enjoyed the activities in this town.We met the teachers from different countries and we had good dialogues.We shared our experiences with the teachers.We made good friends.I am happy that students met new students, made friends while they were leaving I noticed that they were unhappy.I m grateful because the school provided a nice place for my insect photographes from the volcanic areas.We are pleased with the activities that Magdalena prepared.Thank you very much from the Turkish group.


Visiting Poland and Wroclaw for the first time was a good reason to be excited for the two teachers and five students in our team. We all got a wonderful impression of the city and the country. We learned a lot about the history of the city and the volcanic features of the region. We enjoyed the daily activities, well organized and with a good balance of culture and fun. Our students enjoyed the interaction with those of other countries and will surely treasure and remember the good time spent there.
Juan Pablo Vega Rodriguez

Taking part in this project has been a very interesting experience. I found out that Wroclaw is a beautiful city with many places to visit and with an interesting gastronomic options. The welcome from the hosts and the organization could not be better. I think all the activities we did were successful, so much so that at times I would have preferred to do some more of those activities instead of having free time.
Carmen Santana Cabello

My experience in Wroclaw was very good, I met very interesting and friendly people from Poland and other countries. I really liked the city. And I enjoyed the activities we did.
Daniel Esteban Perez Gomez

The week of the project was good for me because I had to learn to talk with someone totally different to me, I practised my english and I made new friends from other countries. I hope that people that I met, remember me like I use to.
I liked too much Wroclaw, I think there are a lot of culture and that was very interesting, we visited a lot of monuments and everywhere you go, you have different options of things to do.
I think that it was a great experience because and I would like to come back.
Belen Vera Bengoechea

The trip that we made on September was a really good trip. First of all I need to mention that it took a long time to arrive Poland however it was a good experience. We went for five days,
and in those days we did a lot of things like visiting the extinct volcano that we have to travel by bus to get up to there. Poland has also very beautiful sights and lovely bridges. On the other
hand the food was spectacular, but the most I like was pierogi, a typical food from Poland. I was well received by the one`s I get caught and of course I will like to repeat because I also enjoy meeting new friends and because doing this I practice my english a lot.
José Ramón Villalba Navarro

It started when my teacher asked me if I want to go Poland. In that moment I started to consider this offer, I asked my parents and I decided to accept.After that moment I started to think about it. And I had many questions like ”Who is going to be my host?” ”Is he going to be nice to me?” ”Are we going to be able to understand each other?” ”What are we going to do in Wroclaw”. And at summer we talked with my host(Kacper) and I thought we were going to have great time with him. So after I arrive Wroclaw I met Kacper and his parents. They were really kind and they did everything they can do for make me feel comfortable. I think Polish people are really kind, generous and they do everything for make you feel at home. Wroclaw is a great, green and tidy city. It has a lot of parks, gardens. It’s public transportation is really good.In city centre you can go wherever you want by using tram. And I it’s buildings(especially old ones) are charming. So I had great time in Poland I made friends all around Europe thanks to Erasmus+ and It was a great experience for me.
Ege KAPLANGİRAY                            

I was so excited when we were going to Poland; because it was one of my goal to visit there. I have read so many things about this country and it was not less beautiful than i have read. Firstly, people of Poland are really sincere to foreigners. They know how to treat guests. Polish people gives their guests presents. This was a thing i was surprised for because i have never seen this type of manner even in my culture. I find this manner kindly. Also if you are looking for tasty food, you had better to visit there.Secondly, during Erasmus + Project, i have learnt too many new things about extinct volcanoes and earthquakes happend all around Europe. In Poland we also went trekking to Ostrzyca Volcano and visited a Geoscience Center. I have never thought that i would love geography! It made me interested in geography. Also it was quite benefical. Thirdly, i had a chance to have friends who has different cultures. I had a chance to learn more about different life styles. When i arrived my country, i felt more self-confident. I think this was the best point.  I will never forget this experience. Thanks for the memories Poland!
Pınar Kalaycı

It was my first abroad experience without my family. Because of that I was a bit nerveous. I had many questions on my mind before I went. When we arrived Wroclaw everything was nice. The city is beautiful. Especially historical places are breathtaking. I didn’t understand how the time passed.Erasmus is a good project to learn different cultures. This project gained me good friends from different countries and only English was connecting us. It was a life time experience for me. The host family that I stayed in Wroclaw was sincere and I appreciate their hospitality. I would like to thank them for everything they have done.
Ezgi Melis TEKTEN

Erasmus+ exchange in Wrocław as a great experience. I really appreciated every activities planned by the Polish coordinator  and successfully realized thanks to the cooperation of the whole host school staff. Show of hands for the school ball and the pontoon on Odra  river: undoubtedly they enhanced both teachers’ and students’ social skills. The Italian team really enjoyed them.Fulvia Fontana, Italian teacher

I really enjoyed our trip to Wrocław. My host has been really nice and kind to me, she’s done her best to make me feel like I was home.  The climbing of Ostrzyca volcano was quite hard, but I loved the landscape from the top; that day was amazing because we also went to Sudecka Educational Centre. Wroclaw is an amazing city, because it’s a place where old art meets modern one, and we had the occasion to notice it during the sightseeing of the city. An awesome experience.
Soraya Atiyeh, Italian student

I can say with no doubt that my trip to Poland has been one of the best experiences of my life.
I will never forget the amazing town, but most of all I will never forget the people I met!
Sara Pinto, Italian student

Exciting experience both for the warm welcome of our hosts and because I did not expect to find a modern and ancient city at the same time – really amazing!
Margherita Castaldo, Italian teacher

My experience abroad, through Erasmus+ project, was very positive. I was lovely welcomed by my host family who took care of me for a week. Every visit organized by the foreign school has always been very interesting and entertaining. Especially I liked the banquet organized at school, where guys and teachers could spend the night together, eating and dancing. This exchange has helped us to improve the practice of the language, but above all because it allowed us to know a new country and a different culture. It was a great experience to do it again.
Marianna Santoro, Italian student




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Survey for students

Survey for teachers

This trip has been one of the best without of my life, I have met people who will remember them for a lifetime, I have known a very beautiful country, with its customs and I have eaten a lot of cheese. I want to thank the teachers, Erasmus and everyone who is behind this project because thanks to them I have fulfilled an experience that I will have in my heart for a lifetime. (Nestor Aguiar Rivero)

In general I liked the trip a lot, Issoire is a very nice town, like the whole Auvergne region. I met new people and made good friends. But I didn´t like that the French students didn´t participate in the activities and that the visits were very short because we had to finish at 4:45, because it was the time when the classes ended. (Daniel Esteban Pérez Gómez)

I liked this trip because it was very interesting how I met other people from other countries. The experience was very beautiful thanks to the people who hosted me in their
house. In this trip I learned so many things about other cultures and other forms of life. I also love french food and I was astonished about how old the houses were, around three or four hundred years old, and how well conserved they were in spite of the temperatures. In conclusion, I love France and I love the language even though I don’t understand so much.
(Dailos Rodríguez Rodríguez)

France is a country that I had never visited because it did not attract my attention, but I have to say that I do not regret anything to see it gone. The trip has been one of the best experiences I have ever lived, I had gone to other countries but where Issoire is located is another roll, a city that is located near the beautiful countryside. The coexistence with the people of the other countries was very good, I made enough friends and I have to say that I will return to Issoire because it surprised me and I have to visit my friends the French. As for the excursions we made, from my point of view they were well organized. But you can correct things such as spending more time in places and getting to know them better, do not always go in a hurry.One more experience, a trip in which I have taken many positive things and in which if I got to stay longer I have very clear that I had not returned to my island.Issoire will return … (Abenchara del Carmen Perez González)

Our trip to Issoire, part of the events scheduled in the Erasmus+ Project, was very interesting and full of exciting activities. The welcome by the French teachers and students was exceptionally warm, just like it was in all other involved schools. We visited many new places and the students appreciated the events organized by the French school. (Ascanio Colacino, Italian teacher)

In my opinion, the rich  program proposed by the school of Issoire offered to all participants (teachers and students) the real possibility to acquire new knowledge about the topics developed by the project Erasmus+, to develop transversal competences in communication and to compare the various types of school systems operating in different European countries. In particular, the numerous visits and educational activities have certainly developed the awareness that a good knowledge of a volcanic territory is fundamental not only for the prevention of risks but also for an intelligent management of the many resources that these territories offer. For example, the relationship between volcanic areas and tourism has been deepened, especially in terms of new job opportunities. But also all the information on the biodiversity of the places visited and the study of some historical events have enriched the knowledge of the territory making us better understand how people have always tried to adapt themselves to the context in which they live. Finally, the meeting in Issoire was certainly important because the students of all the participating schools were protagonists in the planned activities where cultural exchanges are fundamental for the development of an active and modern European citizenship. (Gabriella Tagliaferro, Italian teacher)

The week we spent in Issoire with the Erasmus+ team has been beyond incredible.  Apart from all the trips organized by the French partners, who helped us improving our knowledge and skills regarding volcanoes and many other cultural topics, being in another country with the opportunity to discover new places and make new friends is something unexplainable.

Personally, I had the chance to be hosted by a girl who with her family has treated me as if I was a sister so I could not ask for a better correspondent.
Regarding everything else, I loved every single moment of those days… I feel so lucky to be part of something so extraordinary and unique. Thank you to the French team who warmly welcomed us, to all of the other students coming from Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Poland; to our teachers who took care of us and to my friends who shared this amazing experience with me, making it even more memorable.  I am looking forward to visiting Pico in February and making many other memories unforgettable as well.  (Francesca Guidotti, Italian student)

My Erasmus Plus experience in France is unforgettable. I believe you cannot describe that feeling, time and involvement you had during the exchange, you have to go and get your own and I recommend it because it’s amazing! (Nadia Salvemini, Italian student)

The trip to Issoire with the Erasmus Plus team was one of the most beautiful in my life. In the last few years I have travelled to different countries just as beautiful, but what I will remember in the future will be the group of friends that has been created. We have learned many instructive things and met people from other countries, cultures and ways of life. As for the Italian group I was the only one who did not know anyone, but they all were lovely and we had a lot of fun together. We had fun with teachers, too. They very so kind an d  also very attentive to the needs of us students. Finally, with my French correspondent, I had a good time  I also loved the family who hosted me. The mother made me taste all the typical food, and made me live as a Frenchwoman for a week. (Valeria Mazzaro, Italian student)

Thanks to the Erasmus+ project, I had the opportunity to go to France for a week with my school mates. We have been hosted by F rench students who treated us like brothers and sisters. Personally, I was hosted by a girl, and now we keep in touch, because she was very friendly and nice. So we got on well.  This exchange has helped us to improve our knowledge about volcanoes and earthquakes, but above all it was such a special experience because we had the chance to discover new places, to make new friends and to know different cultures. In fact, we spent our days with students from France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Poland. I’ll always remember everyone because they made my week incredible. (Miriam Illiano, Italian student)

The short training and exchange to France was an unforgettable and unique experience. Besides visiting volcanoes and learning new facts about geology, we also had the chance to meet people from other countries with a different culture from ours. I would like to thank all the French teachers who welcomed us with such a pleasure and obviously thanks to our teachers who accompanied us during that amazing trip. I recommend d you to live such an experience because its memory will last forever! (Lorenza Migliardo, Italian student)

My experience in France was absolutely positive. My host is a delicious girl, she is very friendly and kind, I hope to meet her soon again.. In France I learned a different culture, different food, a different school system, and I’m happy of this opportunity. Thanks to this experience now, France is one of my favourite countries, very pretty, clean, comfortable. My only trouble was the weather, too much cold for a Mediterranean girl! (Francesca Rossi, Italian student)

I really enjoyed my experience in Issoire. I met a lot of new people and I also consolidated the friendship with my Italian school mates. I learned more about volcanic areas, an d about French culture and customs. I tasted new food different from ours and I visited some lovely places. The French family and the boy who hosted me were really friendly and we had fun together. It was an amazing week. I would like to go back there again.  (Alessandro Bianco, Italian student)

My name is Arda Yalçındağ. I went to Issoire, France to participate to Erasmus+ project  from Antalya, Turkey. This was my second visit to France as last year, I went to Paris for sightseeing purposes. During our travel we first landed to Lyon so we had the chance to look around in Lyon. Lyon was a very big city and i loved it even though i couldn’t see it thoroughly. When we came to Issoire by bus, it  was very cold compared to Antalya but we adapted quickly during our stay..First of all, our project topic, trail of active and extinct volcanoes across Europe did not left a big impression on me because I think the main purpose of the project was to meet people from different cultures. Actually I did not learn a lot  about volcanoes but  I’ve gained very good friends. Without a  project like this, I would not have a chance to make friends from different countries. Also this project was very beneficial  for practising  English In daily life. Trying to speak English with other students was the best way to improve your English skills. As for my impressions about Issoire, it was a little town compared to Antalya. My host, Flavien’s home was in another village near to Issoire so  it took us nearly 15 minutes to go to school from home. The school was similar to schools in Turkey but the education system was different. The biggest difference I saw was it had no schoolyard unlike my school. In Turkey most of the schools has large schoolyard which consists basketball or tennis courts and has green area. My host, Flavien was a very nice  host but our biggest problem was communication since Flavien does not speak English very well and neither do i. If we put the communication problem aside, other things were great. His parents and his brother were very kind to me. His mother knows English a little and so does his brother, so i could communicate with them and did not feel alone. Their foods were different from our foods but i did not have a problem about it. I learned about French culture very well and i think the project is very good for learning about different cultures and living styles.  The activities we did during the project were  very good because we traveled very much, also we had a lot of time to meet and talk to other people too. The places we traveled were very exciting. Also we had a lot of time to spend  with our hosts and our friends. The worst thing was that our hosts did not come with us. Although we had great time with other friends, I think it would be much better if our hosts could  come with us too.Finally, I had a spectacular week, probably the best week of my life. We saw great places,  met great people,  learned about different cultures and  practice our English very well. I would definitely recommend anyone to participate in a project like this if they got such chance. ( Arda YALÇINDAĞ)

Hello, I am Asya Şimşek from Turkey, Antalya. I went to France,Issoire a month ago with Erasmus Project. I can say this week was a perfect change to see different cultures, meet people from another countries, see the French people’s lifestyle and improve my English level.About France I can say there was colder than place where I live, Antalya. And French education system was a little complicated for me. And I expected the student’s English level is perfect and it wasn’t. I was suprised when ı saw this. But otherwise nice to students can choose the branch they want. Anna told me Lyon has a improved education centers and universities so maybe in the future ı will study in Lyon.About the family I stayed , my host Anna Guerrero was the best host I have ever seen. She was so nice to me. She did whatever she could. She never left me alone. She introduced me her friends. Now I am keep in touch with her and her friends. Her family was as nice as her. They were so warm blooded and friendly. I felt like they are my other family. I love all of them.Now my only wish is Anna will come to Turkey. My parents are wondering her and they are looking forward for hosting her. I hope she will come. And I hope I can join Erasmus again. It was an unforgetable experience for me. Thank you for everything. (Asya ŞİMŞEK)

This trip with the Erasmus+ project was truly beneficial for me and my friends. I had the chance to meet wonderful people and I learnt so much about volcanoes and French culture. My hosts were really nice people and they really tried to make me feel home. My friend Thomas’ mother was cooking a different traditional meal every day. Thanks to that behaviour now I know so much about French cheeses. The only thing bothered me during the trip was the following: Some of the natives were really against tourists who speak English. I tried to communicate with people in English since I wasn’t able to speak French but that one seller just refused to answer me! She just yelled at me “No English speak French! We are in France!” in French (by the way, I am able to understand French that much due to my Latin knowledge) and walked away. However, I had no other problems with natives. Withal students in Thomas’ school were so nice to us. They were curious about our culture and so we were about theirs so we had a great time together. That’s about all I have to say. Thanks for letting people see other cultures while learning about different subjects.  (Emin Şahin MEKTEPLİ)

First of all it was a wonderful exprience for me. I had the chance to improve my english and learn about the culture,people,history,education system of Issoire and ı realised the differences between countries. I had a lot of fun during the week ı liked the places where we travelled like the Michelin museum or Le puy de Dome and ı met a lot of different people ı made friends from another nationalities and ı had the chance to speak with them about their country and they taught me some words in their language. And ı have tried different types of foods,desserts and of course  cheeses. And ı met with my correspendor she was really nice funny and friendly we had a great time wit her. I really appreciat to her for hosting me in her house.Her parents and her sister were  also very friendly and kind ı really liked them. I hope we will see each other again and she will come to Turkey. That was an unforgettable week of my life. (Ayşenur Hülür)

French Highschool of Institution Sevigne Saint Louis’s hosts were really welcoming. It was a great experience to my students to stay with the families who has different cultures to cultural exchance. We will always remember how hosts welcome us even the weather was too cold for it.Thanks to students and their families. Students from 6 countries had good friendships which wil last for long time during this project. It was impressive to see how sincere were students and teachers. School Manager’s interest on us was so unforgetable  thanks for organising exhibition of Akın ACAR about insects variety of our land, Turkey even it was a busy program. We tried to give you some information about some volcanic areas in Antalya. It was really nice to host us for the second time and also highschool of Institution Sevigne Saint Louis, Claire Chapot and the other teachers who were with us during the project were really kind and nice. In a short time an amazing project pogram was performed. Houses, castels, churchs from Middle Ages were really fascinating. Le puy en Velay and Puy de Dome effected me the most. I will always remember this interesting volcano experience. My students effected from this Erasmus+ project favorably; because they had a chance to travel abroad for the first time. And they also had a chance to see different cultures. They shared their experiences with their friends. This meeting completed the contest of our project. Thanks again. (Emin KUTLU)

Trip was excellent. The project changed my lifestyle. With this i gained a new perspective. I met with so many different people and i made friends from different countries and different cultures. I saw the French culture and cuisine. Everybody was friendly and kind. Owen was a really good. In all times he took care of me. When they took me from the Clermont-Ferrand (that was the first time i saw his father and him), i understood that my trip will be excellent. They behaved like my parents. I thought that “Am i in the home? Are we sure we are in another where?”. Also French cuisine was delicious. I wanna eat them again. I love the nature of French. I wanna come back again and this time the trip must be longer than this time. Thanks for everything. (Mehmet ORAL)



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For me Erasmus + is really open minding and educational project, because even if you don’t enjoy learning at school because you find it boring, this project can show you that studying and opening your mind for world around you is very exciting and interesting. Secondly this project helped me to start communicate in English with people from other countries. Now I don’t fear in speaking in English anymore.  That are my experiences and reasons why I really like my week I Azores and whole Erasmus + project.
Jan Svitana, Poland

It was a very interesting experience. I met a lot of positive people who were open-minded and really kind. We made new friendships and I think it was the very important thing in this project. Obviously we had the chance to explore islands and extend our knowledge about volcanos and wildlife on Pico and Faial islands. We could see a lot of beautiful landscapes. In fact I had the chance to taste traditional dishes and get to know something about culture and traditions on this islands. For me it was a chance to improve my English skills and discover different languages. I had an unforgettable time with amazing people. I want to say thanks to my crazy, lovely host Ana and her family for this week, she made my week memorable and we did a lot of nice activities together. I hope we’ll meet all again.
Krzysztof Migdziński, Poland

We have had such a breath-taking mid-Atlantic experience with Erasmus Plus. It’s impossible to forget Pico, ‘The Mountain Island’, and Faial ‘The Blue Island’, the two islands we have visited. Being my second visit to the Azores, I was so excited to go back to this ocean environment and maritime culture in a different time of the year (definitely, next time will be in the summer for whale watching). Our hiking along the rugged volcanic coastline and to the spectacular volcanic sites has been truly impressive, so has been the daily view of rainbows in the sky. What’s more, looking at Pico landscape you realize it is an outstanding case of the adaptation of human practices to the challenging environment. Also, we learnt how local people take care of their bio-diversity today. Of course, I enjoyed the warm hospitality, kindness, perfect organization and support from the Portuguese teachers and school staff – it has meant to visit true friends to me. Above all, what has been so precious it is students’ powerful intercultural experience, their mutual understanding, their bonding and sharing emotions regardless of their differences. That’s the driving force of the Erasmus+ programme.
(Ciro De Rosa, Italian coordinator)

Beautiful place, beautiful friends, beautiful memories. I don’t know where to start to thank all of the people that I met during this amazing week, making it even more unforgettable. Once again, the Erasmus+ project has given me the chance to discover new things, to find new friends and to see the older ones again. Pico is very different from where I live but it is a beautiful place anyway. I miss waking up with the sound of the ocean and being able to stare at it whenever I have the chance. Portuguese students welcomed us so warmly that we knew, right from the beginning, that we would have spent a great time. In particular, my correspondent Nicole was very friendly; a lovely and kind girl, that’s why we got on so well from the very first moment. We visited many interesting places and experienced so many things, discovering nature, having great time together and building memories that I will always keep with me.
(Francesca Guidotti, Italian student)

What Erasmus+ gave me is inexplicable, unique and my experience in Pico, in the Azores can confirm it. I had the chance to improve my English, Spanish, French and I tried to learn other languages too, thanks to all the beautiful people I have met there, and with whom I’m still in contact. I also had the possibility to discover amazing landscapes, facts about the Azores formation and geology. The family who hosted me made me feel like a daughter, they were always helpful and friendly and for me, it was like being at home. Thank you Erasmus+ for giving me the opportunity to travel, discover the world and break down cultural barriers. This experience is unforgettable and I hope that, after our team, there will other students to have further opportunity to travel in near future.
(Lorenza Migliardo, Italian student)

I really loved this experience in the Azores. During that week, I saw so many beautiful landscapes and I had a lot of fun with the other members of the project from every country. It was the perfect combination of didactics and entertainment, because we had time both to learn new things about culture and geology of the Azores and to play and have fun. It was the first time I was with a host family I fortunately found a dear family who took care of me and I felt to be part of the family. The only thing I didn’t like of the experience is that time given was too short to finish our international team final project considering the full week schedule and the wi-fi which didn’t work properly at school because of the many people connected. In conclusion, I have to thank the Erasmus + project for giving me the chance to live these fantastic moments.
(Viviana Scamardella, Italian student)

This was my second journey with Erasmus+ project and if I had to do a final balance about the two experiences (Poland and Açores), I would say that the second was the best. I found a family that hosted me and I fely do be part of it. This made me feel cuddled and loved at the same time. I have been involved with my host family since the first time and now I can feel the same strong relationship although the distance.
What I liked so much was the landscapes of the island. Every place was surrendered by the ocean and every view was incredible. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good; this didn’t stop us, though. Actually, it gave us the desire of coming back to the island in summer. One more time I have to thank Erasmus+ project for having given me the possibility of knowing a new culture, improving my English and keeping in touch with fantastic people. Erasmus+, see you the next time!
(Marianna Santoro, Italian student)

I came back to Italy from Pico missing that beautiful place. I really enjoyed this Erasmus+ experience because flying, travelling around the world and looking forward to visiting new places has always attracted everyone. In Pico, I met an extraordinary family who hosted and loved me as a second son. The place was beautiful especially the waves hitting the rocks and the people were so simple, kind and welcoming that I felt at home. The weather wasn’t as good as I thought because of the rain and I think we spent a lot of time in the school instead exploring the Island but It doesn’t matter: I would do it again and I hope I’ll go back soon.
(Mario Di Vicino, Italian student)

The Azores experience was a great one. I could hardly imagine such a powerful nature before visiting Pico! Heavy rain, infinite ocean, brilliant minerals shadowed by a polygenetic volcano… And people? Clever students and passionate colleagues sharing lessons, ideas, knowledge aimed at a shared goal. That’s the sense we all, teachers and students, need.
(Adriana Consolo, Italian teacher)



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Firstly, I would like to thank Instution Sevigne Saint Louis schooland Claire for their hospitability. We are glad to meet Claire’sschool. We really enjoyed during the workshops. We can not forget Volcano Lemptegy and volcano park. It was the first time we saw such interesting volcanoes. The Magma-Volcano Lab which was in Clermont-Ferrand was the most interesting and impressive part of ourmeeting. It was really an unforgettable experience to see the interesting ways of science, French folk dance and to taste famous delicious France kitchen. Also we would like to present our thanks to Instution Sevigne Saint Louis school,school headmaster,  Delphine, Muriel, Marie-Lise, İsabelle, Laurence, Nelly, Joelle, Myriam, Pascal, Gaelle, M. Verayan do the persons who took place in it. Best regards,

 Muzaffer, Emin,Tijen

  My participation in the project “Volcanoes and earthquakes Europe”, especially in the workshop for teachers organized at the Institut Sevigné in Issoire in France, is to me an extraordinary adventure.
Thanks to this project, I met a group of great teachers of different subjects (biology, geography, English) from different European countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy). Exchange of experience, numerous discussions, participation in joint events, activities and tasks performed, inspired and expand their professional horizons. Skills and competences resulted  after returning from a workshop in Issoire, both in the classroom during discussions with the students of my school, and during endless discussions with teachers.
From the point of view of personal,  it was for me a unique opportunity for personal development through gaining many rare and challenging skills such as the ability to  preparation of the required during the workshop foreign adaptability and openness to the participants coming from different corners of Europe, the ability to cooperate in an international group, the ability to participate in conversations and discussions in order to reach a joint agreement. Not forgetting the ability to use foreign languages!
Well, that workshops were held just in Issoire, France. The trip to this beautiful part of Europe has allowed me to explore and discover the unknown to me so far corner of Europe, its history, monuments, cuisine and culture.
May this as many teachers can develop thanks to such projects!

Joanna Wróbel, Wroclaw, Poland