Azores GeoPark – (Nine Islands – One GeoPark)

On November 25th, the Portuguese school received the visit of the Pico Island Natural Park´s director, the geologist Paulino Costa, who made a very interesting presentation about the Azores GeoPark (Nine Islands – One GeoPark) and more precisely about Pico´s Natural Park. More than seventy students could learn more about the Azores GeoPark, its geosites, characteristics and specificities all around the nine islands. Then our guest talked about the Pico island formation, its geosites, as the Pico Mountain, Madalena islets or Torres Cave. The director of the Natural park referred to the economic importance of the Geopark and told the students about the added value to local products due to the fact that they have the Geopark logo in their packaging. Products like cheese, honey and new sweets have added names of specific geosites of scientific geolocical features to their products. There was also some time to ask Mr. Paulino Costa some questions about the Geopark, which reveals the importance of such a topic for our students.