The specific objectives of the project:

  • Promoting of the importance of biodiversity of volcanoes.
  • The introduction techniques and tools for data acquisition. Analysis research data. Getting to know in trainings about new technologies used in monitoring of volcanic eruptions on the surface by measurement of emissions of hazardous gases and lava flow, methods of forecasting earthquakes, the acquisition of skills using seismometers.
  • Comparison of landscape, fauna and flora living in volcanoes area to focus society attention on biodiversity of volcanic area. Students will carry out observations of landscape and fauna, flora, and will take some photos of them.
  • Promotion of mountain tourism between students to lead healthy lifestyle during outdoor activities.
  • Gather knowledge about: history of volcanoes, eruption, earthquakes. analysis research data.
  • Study the relation between tourism and volcanoes area.
  • Increase public awareness about the factors threatening the life in volcanoes area.
  • Distributing information about biodiversity, history, tourism of volcanoes (leaflets, posters, exhibition, open educational platform).
  • Develop an active and conscious European citizenship.
  • Motivate all teachers and learners to increase the number of foreign languages they speak and improve their foreign language skills.
  • Identify and disseminate effective methods of science teaching such as methods of supporting the research activities of students.
  • Improving teaching science by training for teachers and providing examples of lessons and activities on education platform that can be used to help teach students about earth science. We want to provide an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange experiences with students and teachers from different countries.