The meeting in Wroclaw, Poland 25-29.09.2017

From 25th to 29th September 2017 the Salesian School hosted the international meeting of the Erasmus + project: “A trail of expired and active volcanoes, earthquakes across Europe.” The school was visited by 40 students, 12 teachers from Turkey, Portugal (Azores), Spain (Canary Islands), Italy and France. The students were housed in the homes of students from Poland.
During the stay, the guests were privileged to have a meeting with the vice-president of Wroclaw. They visited the Land of Expired Volcanoes with the Sudety Educational Camp. Participants participated in the rafting and admired the animals in Africa. As part of the lecture, an invited Polish traveler, mountaineer and volcano guru Grzegorz Gawlik participated in the program: 100 Volcanoes. He traveled around 100 countries on 6 continents.
The meeting in Wroclaw was the next stage in the three-year Erasmus + program.