Our project presented at international conference “Best practices in environmental education”

On June 9, 2016 Association Kaczawskie invited representatives of local government, teachers and practitioners of non-formal education to an international conference “Good practices in environmental education” organized at Sudeten Educational Centre in Dobkow. The conference was about geo-education or education deeply rooted in regional values. Geo-education treats the environment around us, taking into account the components abiotic (non-living): rocks, minerals, terrain, as well as the living: flora, fauna and humans and human activities.

Mrs Magdalena Szewczyk as representative person of Private Salesian High School from Poland presented international educational project at school. She promoted Erasmus + project: Trail of extinct and active volcanoes in Europe talking about aims of project, method of works, partners, web site, products and plans for future.

At the conference experts and practitioners in education from organizations: Haskolafelag Sudurlands of Katla Geopark in Iceland, ADRIMAG of Arouca Geopark in Portugal and LAG-Barun Trenk of Papuk Geopark in Croatia had lectures.

The Sudecka Educational Centre is a place where knowledge and skills are transferred in an interactive, dynamic, based on models of digital visualization and independently performed experiments. The Sudecka Education Centre was established in Dobkow. Dobków is surrounding by hills which are the remnants of ancient volcanoes and the best place to learn how the forces of the Earth shaped region Mountains and Foothills Kaczawskie. This is one of the most interesting geoturistic regions in Poland. Visible in the area traces of the three periods of volcanic activity, sea floods, deserts and ice ages tells the history of the Earth.