The Cappadocia trip of Turkish school – 22-25 April 2016

Turkish school organized a trip to Cappadocia region as part of Erasmus+ project to observe inactive volcanoes and formations around them. Trip took 2 nights, 3 days. 47 students and 4 teachers participated. They observed inactive volcanoes and land shapes that formed from wind-water erosion of ashes erupted before.

Famous inactive volcanoes:

Büyük Hasan Mountain: Height 3253m, last activity BC 620; Küçük Hasan Mountain: Height 3000m, last activity BC 620; Erciyes Mountain: Height 3916m, last activity BC 253; Melendiz Mountain: Height 3268m.

They saw there  lots of inactive volcanoes. Students were so satisfied at the end of the trip. Their interest about environment has increased.