The visit students and teachers from Liceo Scientifico “Galileo Galilei” in Solfatara

On the 17th of December we went to visit the Solfatara with our teacher Mrs. Carpentiero. It was a very good experience which taught us many things about our city, above all because our guide, Marco, was very prepared and explained
us the story and the features of the Solfatara in a very simple way. First, he showed us the environment of the volcano. We were very surprised when we noticed that it is not a deserted area: there were houses and some peolpe living in them! This happens because the area of the Solfatara is not completely desolate. There is a zone in which there is a lot of vegetation and it is very comfortable to stay in. Mostly, you can find the typical plants and trees of the Mediterranean; but the growth of this vegetation is highly influenced by the environment of the Solfatara. Marco told us that the Solfatara is one of the forty volcanos which constitute the Campi Flegrei, and it is three kilometres away from the center of Pozzuoli. The name comes from the Latin, Sulpha terra, “land of sulfur”. In fact, the Solfatar is a very popular tourist attraction thanks to the emissions of sulfur dioxide, commonly called “fumarole”.

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