Competition for the best volcano model in Private Salesian High School

On Wednesday, 21 October 2015 at Private Salesian High School in Wroclaw during the long break there was a show of volcano models. It was one of the actions of the Erasmus +. The spectacular explosions were presented by six groups, each of them presented an original and unique model of a volcano.
The students created the works of: salt dough, plasticine, paper. The effects of unforgettable explosions is the result of ingenuity. The explosions were caused due to: combination of baking soda with vinegar or washing­up liquid, or yeast with water and paint. One of the most unique was the explosion by permanganate. Each show was successful. The jury which included: chairman of the school Adam Pajęcki and project coordinator prof. Magdalena Szewczyk and headmaster Jerzy Babiak will decide who will be the winner. As a prize for the best model vouchers to the store Saturn will be provided.